Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We learn how to describe our friends and our self personality.
Check it out!!! how fun it is. 

We just try to make it more fun by adding negative personality so we would like to apologize for those who got hurt feeling. It just a joke and we hope with this activity our member club will get confident to stand up in front of everyone and write a words in english. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014


English song karaoke session..


Reunion & brainstorming with invited guests - Trainers from previous workshop (Profound Learning Solutions)

                               Signing attendance..

Playing Taboo Game..

Taboo Game..


Having our meal..

Pictionary Game..

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

We Can Do It!

source : Mr. Google


Ice Breaking..


About 3 months ago, UMNO Headquarters had organized an English Workshop for the staffs. There were 29 participants attended the workshop from various departments. Responds and feedbacks from the workshop were very encouraging. Regards to the matter and continuing the effort to improve our English, ENGLISH FUN CLUB is established.

So.. the people behind the scene are:

President : Mr. Khalid Idris

Vice President : Mr. Amirrul Karim

Secretary : 
i) Mrs. Zuraidah Paiman
ii) Ms. Salwa Shokri

Treasurer : 
i) Mrs. Maswani Ibrahim
ii) Ms. Suriza Bohari


Public Relation : 
i) Mrs. Filza Shaharom
ii) Mrs. Afizan Azhar
iii) Mr. Irwan Zainal Abidin

Graphic/IT : 
i) Mr. Izuan Isha
ii) Mr. Adam Mohd Sabri

Media/Event : 
i) Mr. Fikree Fauzi
ii) Mrs. Kaslinda Kadir

Activity/Entertaiment : 
i) Mr. Juna'in Kamal
ii) Ms. Shima Ardilla Idrus

Welfare : 
i) Mr. Amir Nordin
ii) Ms. Echa Murad
iii) Mrs. Nazihah Yaakub

Tuesday, May 6, 2014